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The Icelandic Architect

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

I have finally decided to do it! To start a architecture blog - my personal website - Instagram - The whole package.

This is something I have been carrying around for a while... longer that I should have.

I have tried to start before when I was younger but failed... I always regret not continuing but at the time I was not ready.

Now two masters degrees later (one in Research and Innovation in Architecture at IAAC in Barcelona and one in Computation and Information in Architecture CITA at The Royal architecture academy in Copenhagen) and I am on my second year into my career as an architect working on and having build residential houses in Iceland... I feel like it is time to pick up the pen again... or you get the metaphor.

I am building up my website for everyone to see the professional work I do and have done. I have Instagram The_Icelandic_Architect #theicelandicarchitec #the_icelandic_architect where you will be able to follow my daily life as an architect. In Copenhagen at the moment. I will show you my work, the interesting architecture that comes my way as well getting amazing inspiration of architecture - design and beautiful things from all around the world.

This blog will have its focus on inspiring Architecture and design (worldwide) - Research and innovation.

“Lets get started”


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