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HJARK price winner of a WAF award

We are so honoured to announce that Leiðarhöfði reveived the 1st price in the Future projects - Civic catagory at the World Architecture festival in Lissabon 2022.

The judges were particularly impressed by the projects “playful aspect” “amplifying the connection between the inhabitants and visitors of this site of outstanding natural beauty” 
We are very humble for receving this award and could not be more honored. It truly was a fascinating gathering of international architects, celebrating the latest in design thinking and progressive projects. 
Congratulations to all fellow winners and all other shortlisted, it is already an honour to be amongst you all. 

Leiðarhöfði heldur áfram sigurgöngunni og vann fyrstu verðlaun í flokknum "Future projects - Civic" á World Architecture Festival í Lissabon 2022. Við erum óendanlega stolt af þessu verkefni sem við unnum í frábæru samstarfi við Landmótun og sastudio.

LEIÐARHÖFÐI - Link to full project

WAF - World Architecture Festival

WAF - Catagory winners

WAF - Leiðarhöfði

Our project Leiðarhöfði is the Future project – Civic Winner 2022 

WAN awards - Leiðarhöfði gets the bronze

We are proud of our beautiful project, Leiðarhöfði, which just received the bronze price in the category  “Future Projects: Civic” at the World Architecture News Awards.

The project was a great collaboration between us at HJARK, sastudio and Landmótun and was a winner in an Architecture competition for Leiðarhöfði area in the spring of 2022.

Fallega verkefnið okkar á Leiðarhöfða , Höfn í Hornafirði hefur unnið bronsverðlaun í flokkinum “Future Projects: Civic” á World Architecture News Awards.

Verkefnið var unnið í frábæru samstarfi við sastudio og Landmótun og hlaut 1. verðlaun í samkeppni um Leiðarhöfða síðastliðið vor.

Við erum spennt fyrir framhaldinu! 




Ábreiða - Competition purchase

We’re thrilled that the Akranes Municipality has purchased our proposal for Breiðin, the town’s expansion into a new smart district. Emerging from a former industrial area, the new 95.000m2 neighbourhood resides on 5 pillars: repurposing structures, smart mobility, circular economy, modularity and scalability.
The unique location of the site enables to create a new sustainable neighbourhood that reconnects the urban life to nature while becoming a valuable anchor point for Akranes. The ambition is to create a district that will act as a laboratory for future urban development to showcase how sustainable housing development can be combined with circular resource thinking and social diversity.

HJARK, in another great collaboration with Sastudio

townhouses view.jpg
terraces view.jpg
HJARK 1st price winner - Leiðarhöfði

HJARK in collaboration with sastudio and Landmótun won a competition on a new destination area in Höfn in Hornafjörður. 

Leiðarhöfði is a popular place in Höfn in Hornafjörður. It has a great history and a lot of potential with it´s magnificent view over Hornafjörður, Vatnajökull glacier and Eystrahorn. 

The proposal includes a great outdoor area with equpment inspired by the local history, a multifunctional building that rises from the ground in a soft wave and a square shaped walkway out to the sea. The forms of the walkway is a great contrast to nature, and reflects the sharp corner of the building. 

plan 200.jpg
HJARK 1st price winner - Kindergarten in Garðabær

HJARK in collaboration with sastudio and exa nordic won a competition on a new kindergaren in Urriðaholt, Garðabær. 

The design addresses the plot’s slope by gradually lowering the building, fitting all children facilities on a single floor. It privileges access to the outdoors, and provide all homerooms with direct connection to the indoor and outdoor playgrounds.
The massing grows towards north, maximizing sun exposure, but also growing together with the kids, as they grow older, floor heights are as well higher. The building is fragmented in smaller volumes that children can easily identify and relate to the different spaces.

This will kindergarten will be a great addition to the lovely neighbourhood of Urriðaholt and is estimated to be opened in the fall of 2023.

Celebrating A Generation of Women Leaders in Architectural Practices Around the World

"Where are the women architects?" Despina Stratigakos, an architectural historian and professor, lamented in her book about women in the practice. (She even titled her book that very question.) The sentiment was certainly a resounding one, well-understood by many women who have worked in the profession and had to break through a male citadel. We know the number of women in architecture is small, and it gets smaller the higher up we look. 

Which is why we wanted to recognize the women who are at the top, leading practices, and paving the way. To celebrate International Women's Day this ​


Hulda Jónsdóttir

Hulda Jónsdóttir modtog hædrende omtale for sit afgangsprojekt. Juryen sagde bl.a.: 
"I projektet Beyond Structure er der arbejdet med undersøgelse af hvordan dagslys spredes gennem en bygget geometri. Strukturen er formet gennem digital parametrisk design, fysiske prøver og visuelle undersøgelser, hvor strukturens tæthed og retning skaber et indre landskab af forskellige dagslys konditioner. "


Hulda Jónsdóttir received honourable mention for her MASTERS

project. The jury said, among other things:
"The project Beyond Structure has been working with and investigating how daylight is spread through a built geometry. The structure is shaped through digital parametric design, physical tests and visual surveys, where the density and direction of the structure create an inner landscape of different daylight conditions."

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