Celebrating A Generation of Women Leaders in Architectural Practices Around the World

"Where are the women architects?" Despina Stratigakos, an architectural historian and professor, lamented in her book about women in the practice. (She even titled her book that very question.) The sentiment was certainly a resounding one, well-understood by many women who have worked in the profession and had to break through a male citadel. We know the number of women in architecture is small, and it gets smaller the higher up we look. 

Which is why we wanted to recognize the women who are at the top, leading practices, and paving the way. To celebrate International Women's Day this ​


Hulda Jónsdóttir

Hulda Jónsdóttir modtog hædrende omtale for sit afgangsprojekt. Juryen sagde bl.a.: 
"I projektet Beyond Structure er der arbejdet med undersøgelse af hvordan dagslys spredes gennem en bygget geometri. Strukturen er formet gennem digital parametrisk design, fysiske prøver og visuelle undersøgelser, hvor strukturens tæthed og retning skaber et indre landskab af forskellige dagslys konditioner. "


Hulda Jónsdóttir received honourable mention for her MASTERS

project. The jury said, among other things:
"The project Beyond Structure has been working with and investigating how daylight is spread through a built geometry. The structure is shaped through digital parametric design, physical tests and visual surveys, where the density and direction of the structure create an inner landscape of different daylight conditions."