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The SKT. PETRI Hotel in Copenhagen..

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Don't know if you are many that have noticed but I have been away for few weeks ... and the reason is this little ball of joy that came flying into my life the 29th of april. I am not going to bore you with details but he literally came without a warning... we barely made it to the hospital! But everyone is well and we could not be happier with our 3rd son!

My parents were here for a visit last week to see the little guy and they took us to this hidden pearl in Copenhagen! Gosh! Wish I had known this place before! I am definitely going there again.

The SKT. PETRI Hotel in center of Copenhagen... You can walk from here to all the main city centre attractions.

This listed Modernist building once housed a department store before being turned into a hotel... doesn't look like much on the outside but on the inside...

First the style was bold and fairly stark, black and white; now with the extension, a top-to-toe makeover has introduced a warmer feel via richer colours and softer fabrics.

In the grandly proportioned lobby, open shelving and assorted seating styles help create smaller zones within the huge space, and geometric patterns break up the expanse of marble floor. Particularly eye-catching is the green, frond-covered central lamp, hanging from the ceiling like some kind of prehistoric bird's nest as well as the grand sculptures.

The creative lighting in the ceiling is jet another detail that is so subtle but still you can not miss...

The story is that here are all the elite people come here to have a drink... even the famous singer Robbie Williams was spotted having a cocktail at the bar the night before his concert here in Copenhagen.

If you are looking for inspiration...

DECO: the colours and the materials ... deep colours (green blue purple, red...) - velour and marble - green plants...

CONSTRUCTION: wood - black steel and corten steel... dark zink and stone walls.... introduce nature - water and plants

Beautiful combination.

Until next

The Icelandic Architect



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