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The most colourful building in Copenhagen.


BY Axeltorv 9, Copenhagen stands the most amazingly colourful building. Not discrete but somehow I have walked past many times before and only yesterday I really noticed how amazing it is.

Absolutely stunning...

Opened on 26th January 1918 with “Mountain Ejvind and his Wife”. It had a seating capacity of 1,790 seats and was designed by architects Andreas Clemmensen and Johan Nielsen. The Palads Bio also contained a restaurant and a ballroom and was located next to a newly built entertainment complex, and all buildings were designed in a Neo-baroque style which was popular at that time.

The Palads Bio was always a popular city centre cinema and it was closed for modernisation in June 1955, re-opening on 19th August 1955. It had been completely modernised to the designs of architect Holger Row, with the seating capacity reduced to 1,519 and CinemaScope was installed. In June 1978, when operated by the Nordisk Film chain, the cinema and surrounding spaces in other buildings, including the former ballroom, were sub-divided into 12 smaller screens. Today the cinema houses the latest in technology and comfort.

The entrance foyer is mainly intact, and has survived changes over the years. The exterior has become a landmark in the city with its garish rainbow coloured paint scheme.

Palads is the largest cinema in Denmark. Here is the web of the Palads

This is for sure a place to see in Copenhagen and a fun place to take pictures...the classical architecture and all the beautiful colours...


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